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The Key Pre-requisites

The key pre-requisite for achieving a financing, under realistic terms and conditions, is for the company to have a significant growth potential, based on unique products and/or services, and to possess a confirmed competent and seasoned management team, demonstrating a relevant “track record”.

These key management resources must have a relevant background and capabilities and exhibit a realistic growth strategy, but they may lack certain elements, which could include:

The necessary strategic / corporate planning,
Certain essential resources (which could include, for example: human resources to cover certain key management functions, technical development and capital assets)
The capital to achieve their strategies,
A combination of any of the above.

Much greater success in delivery of financings exist, under “win-win” situations, with mutually attractive terms, appealing both to the investor(s) as well as to the corporate client, where the companies have unique or “state-of-the-art” products and/or services.

The company’s products and/or services would not only apply to a domestic market but also be relevant to important international clients.

The “success rate” of financings under “better” terms and conditions is generally improved when the company has a base of “excellent” clients in place, with bona fide purchase orders, contracts and/or serious letters of intent from creditworthy enterprises.