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Fees Charged

Typically, Champlain’s services and fees comprise two or more of the following elements:

Study Fee

As a professional firm, Champlain reviews existing client “due diligence” documentation, works with the client to assemble suitable and relevant supporting legal, audit, financial, marketing and technical documentation. Champlain substantiates these indispensable documents with its own corroborative research, analysis and due diligence material(s).

Then, in conjunction with client, Champlain prepares the very important and essential Corporate Profile. This indispensable presentation document is suitable for capturing the attention of the potential investor, nourishing his enthusiasm for an investment in the company, and concurrently satisfying the majority of the investor’s own subsequent due diligence requirements.

For these professional services, the client and Champlain agree in advance on a realistic budget for the appropriate professional fees.

The Financing Fee

Appropriate to established corporate finance standards in investment banking, the client and Champlain agree in advance on the determination of the “success fee”, paid at the closing of the financing.

Management Fee

From time to time, as appropriate, the client needs, on a temporary basis, additional management support. In these instances, client and Champlain agree in advance for Champlain to provide “interim management services”.

These management services define in advance the terms of reference for the service(s), the relevant responsibilities, authorities and relationships, the duration, and the time-oriented professional fees.


In summary, Champlain provides both domestic and international clients with timely, innovative and cost-effective responses, coupled with solutions to their varied management, corporate, strategic, business planning, human resource, and related corporate finance requirements.