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Corporate Finance / Business Planning / Corporate Profiles

To assist executive management and corporate directors to chart the future growth of their enterprises, Champlain provides strategic analyses and professional assistance directed towards attaining profitable internal expansion coupled with external growth.

These well-organized management tools prove to be effective for establishing a framework for the achievement of both short-term business goals, as well as long-term business strategies. These often center on the successful blending and strengthening of management resources; including human resources, capital resources, technical resources, financial resources, corporate governance, environmental concerns, and customer relationships.

During the course of Champlain’s services for corporate clients, one of the several key elements is the development of a responsible policy of effective corporate governance – sensitive not only to the company’s corporate goals, but also responsive to current national and international standards.

Champlain combines the delivery of the corporate communications tools as an amalgamation of oral presentations as well as formal presentation materials. Thus, the output of this important element includes the effective development of and presentation of results-oriented Business Plans, which we identify as “Corporate Profiles”.

As an “action-oriented” document, in “easy-to-read” business format, the Corporate Profile demonstrates effectively (both by way of the Executive Summary and the sequel supporting text) essential information, including:

The identity of the company, points of contact, and the purpose of the document (frequently seeking a stated amount of funding);
A highlight of the company’s realistic business strategies;
Corporate background, history, mission;
Marketing plans, policies and actual or potential relationships – both short-term and long-term;
Identification of the competition and the relevant or perceived company advantages;
Key customer base, including present clientele as well as current bona fide prospects;
Program for the financing;
Corporate characteristics (including incorporation, key shareholders and directors);
Management organization, personnel and their relevant strengths;
A summary of the proposed financing proposal, including possible exit strategies;
Historical and forecast of financial information; supported by relevant assumptions;
The unique technical characteristics and production information;
The nature of any intellectual property assets, patents, software, ownership. etc.;
Other essential and relevant information, as appropriate.

Champlain uses the company’s Corporate Profile in presentations to targeted third parties. These normally include potential qualified investors – that is, those financial institutions, suppliers of senior debt, venture capital investors, institutional equity investors and other appropriate sources to provide the required financing necessary to achieve the corporation’s stated goals and mission.