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About Champlain Consulting Associates

Champlain Consulting Associates Ltd., for over the past thirty years, acting as financial consultants and/or investment bankers, provides creative business planning and innovative sourcing of financing serving a market niche, for mid-sized companies, whose needs typically range from $500,000 to $50,000,000.
Ronald Raisman, with a professional career spanning some four decades, heads Champlain. Together, they have successfully delivered many creative and effective professional strategic initiatives and corporate finance solutions. These are the result of skilful leadership and innovative approaches to the delivery of the varied and necessary results-oriented requirements.

Coupling an intellectual curiosity and a driving energy with a striving to deliver results, Ronald Raisman and the Champlain professional resource team have often implemented non-traditional approaches to respond to “traditional” needs or requirements. These have often involved the delivery of creative corporate financings and/or refinancings to various clients.

As President of Champlain Consulting Associates Ltd. (since 1974), Ronald Raisman has been active in the management of the firm, negotiations of key client mandates and the fulfillment of each professional assignment.


These have been for public corporations, private enterprises and government agencies. Their size has ranged from assets and/or budgets of just a few millions to those exceeding $1 billion! They have been all across the United States, Canada and internationally.